The Gathering @ Lindley Park

Andrew's Place is an amazing room located directly underneath the Lindley Park Church Sanctuary. Andrew's Place is a theatre and a place for children to play games, do crafts, and learn about theatre.

History of Andrew's Place

Andrew's Place was dedicated for Andrew Russoli, son of Sally White, the church's long time secretary. As a child, Andrew would often play in the basement, back then simply a large playing space underneath the sanctuary. His mother was the church secretary and, on those occasions when there were no other options, he would tag along and go down to the basement ... that magical basement. One day it might be a pirate ship. Another day it would become a Wild West frontier. It was limited only by his imagination.

But little boys cannot stay little boys forever. Andrew grew; he became a strapping young man who was strong, smart and very brave. And there was one other thing; he had a deep and abiding love for God, his family, and his country. He came to the conclusion that the best way to serve all three was to enlist in the Marine Corp. And served his country he did. Andrew showed his imagination within his bravery while serving.

However, on a bright, crisp October afternoon four Marines in their dress blues came to the door at the house where his mother, Sally, lived. It was, of course, the dreadful news that every mother of a soldier fears. Andrew had been killed in action while serving in Iraq. The heartbreaking domino effect was in play. Scott Orr, pastor, learned of this tragedy as well.

Not soon after, the downstairs area started major renovations. Max Renyolds and his fellow Eagle Scouts, along with Max's dad, Kevin, turned the space into a Fellowship Hall space, with a small stage complete with entrance/exits stage left, right, and up stage. And in 2006, the church unveiled "ANDREW'S PLACE," dedicated to Andrew Russolli.

At the same time, Crosslove Theatre joined forces with Lindley Park Church. It was obvious that Andrew's Place was, without a doubt, the PERFECT place for the theatre. In 2008, a second round of minor renovations began. The stage was extended 8 feet to a thrust stage, and a theatre was created that would eventually seat 75 people.

Additionally, the space is also used for the LPC Children's Ministry, complete with an Art Area, a Game Area, and a Theatre Area (the stage itself) and a local girl scout group currently uses the space as well.

We at Lindley Park wanted a way to honor him and his service. We thought there was no better way than to create a place where children can come and be a child. We call that place Andrew's Place, and it serveed as the home for Crosslove Theatre, until December 2009. We welcome you to come and share in the tribute. Andrew's Place is designed to be a place where children (of all ages!) can live out their fantasies. Come to Andrew's Place to live yours.

Layout of Andrew's Place


When you first walk downstairs to Andrew's Place, you enter the lobby of the theatre. This space is used for audiences to gather before a show and during a show's intermission. Additionally, it is also used for small group dinners, and other small group activities. A comfy couch, tables, and chairs allow for comfortable seating in our lobby. Also, you can see the young man for which "Andrew's Place" is named: Andrew Russoli.

The Theatre Office is located off the Lobby.


The Kitchen is also located off the lobby.


The Theatre in Andrew's Place currently seats 75 people (with plenty of room to add on if needed). The stage is a thurst stage and is approximately 25 feet upstage (stage left to right) and 16 feet at thrust (stage left to right). From down to upstage, our stage is roughly 18 feet. We also utilize a sound and light booth accessed through the lobby and the theatre. Off of house right are the Game and Art Areas (used by the LPC Children's Ministry) and off of house left is the set storage. Actors for productions use a stairwell that leads backstage. Our stage offers four possible entrance and exit means (Stage Left, Stage Right, Up Stage, and via the house).

We also offer a comfortable and easy-to-use sound and lighting system. Our electrics are 8 par cans, 4 on each side of the house.

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