The Gathering @ Lindley Park

Lindley Park Church offers many areas of ministry. We are a GIFT BASED MINISTRIES church, so our ministries are geared towards our congregation and their God-given talents. Look below and see where YOU can fit in:

Team Leader Purpose
Arts Team Jordan Hart The Arts Team breaks down into other areas of art-related ministry: Choir, Praise Team, and Special Events
Benevolence Team Tim Thompson The true face of Lindley Park Church, the Benevolence team offers ways to show how much we enjoy your presence with us as we worship. From large luncheons, to other small ways, they are there with a smile.
Bereavement Team Barbara Gray When you lose someone close to you, having no one to help the pain is very difficult. That's where the Bereavement Team comes in. They are there, by your side with a ready ear and a shoulder. They will do anything to make your mourning a little bit easier.
Missions Team Jan Hart This team is without a doubt, one of the hardest working teams at Lindley Park Church. This team goes through a lot, between Operation Inasmuch to Operation Christmas Child, their #1 priority is spreading the good name and news of Jesus Christ.
Hospital Team Ed Allen If you or a loved one is having to be in the hospitial, for whatever reason, the hospitial team will be right there to give a smile, hold a hand, or test taste that hospitial food to make sure its eatable.
College Connections Team Susan Orr The College Connections Team works to intergrate students from UNCG, A&T, Guilford College, and Greensboro College, among others, into a ministry where they can grow as adults and as Christians (and have a cup of coffee while doing it).
Youth & Children Team Patty Forrest The Youth & Children team are the envy of the whole church. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE MOST FUN! From their usual adventures outside of church (going to the movies, roller skating, etc.) to those inside the church (Crosslove Theatre, Youth theatre productions, lock-ins), the youth and children team is where it is at!
Prayer Team The Lindley Park Church Congregation Everyone at Lindley Park Church is a leader in prayer. As a congregation, we are all praying for one another.
Communications Team Jack Almon Getting the word out about the great people and worship at Lindley Park Church is tough, but the Communications Team hits that head on!
Reconnect Team Nita Almon and Larry Thompson Staying in touch with our visitors and those who we miss seeing at church is another important factor in the ongoings of Lindley Park Church. This is not to annoy you into staying with us, but simply to show you... WE LOVE HAVING YOU AROUND!
Leadership Team Pastor Scott Orr How good would all these wonderful ministries be if we didn't have leadership?

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